The Pastoral Ministry is fundamental to the spiritual and physical growth of the Church. The vision, promulgation and its fulfilment are scripturally based and are in line with belief and practices of the RCCG. The overall vision of the pastor is to make liberty a prayer saturated church.

We are engaged in prayer and intercession, evangelism, altar workers and counselling, co-ordination of the Liberty School of Disciples, Missions to Nations / Church Planting, and training. We rely on the power of God through Jesus Christ to carry out His plans and purpose for His Body the church (LCC). As we continue to prayerfully and studiously search for His heart we are led and transformed into His likeness.

The Liberty School of Disciples is engaged in rediscovering and acquainting ‘’new members’’ with the beliefs and practices of LCC, the growth and equipping of ‘’new believers’’ and water baptism for members of LCC.

The Prayer and intercessory department organises and coordinates the weekly prayer meetings – Liberty pray until something happens (PUSH), night vigils and intercessions, participating in general prayers meetings (GAP) for FOL, prayer expenditures and spiritual mapping.

The Evangelism department coordinates and mobilises the church to evangelise every second Saturday of the month witnessing to the Love of God, sharing salvation through the name of Jesus and the mighty power of His name.

Altar workers and Counselling supports the pastor during ministrations, attends to and counsels new converts.

Mission to nations / church planting is involved in fulfilling one of the core values of RCCG. It engages in the planting of new parishes thereby ensuring the RCCG becomes a global phenomenon and hence expediting the coming of Jesus Christ. Training and assisting in teaching and empowering the church at all levels in the Word.