Our Goal: Men on a quest to fulfil God’s will in all things (Meeting All Needs)

Our Mission: To equip men to develop Godly character and to influence their world for Christ. The spirit of the Lord is upon us through fellowshipping with God in prayers and fasting.

Our vision: The men’s fellowship helps to reach out to men who are unsaved. Men who have rejected traditional ministries like choir, Sunday school and worship services may be more willing to become involved in an athletic league or a ministry project. We strive to provide an atmosphere to address male life issues that cannot be addressed effectively in other environments.

Many men have not assumed their leadership responsibilities in church, at home or in the community. A men’s ministry is a great tool for a pastor to develop leaders among the congregation. We help to develop the spiritual growth of our members through fasting, praying, bible study and encouraging men to be mentors and role models.

We aspire to equip men to move out of the pews into the fields. The men’s fellowship helps men to appreciate the true nature of servant-hood and to realise that they have gifts that they can use both in the church, their place of work and in the community. The ministry is designed to link men with spiritual role models, and through safe mentoring relationships, men are provided with an example to follow and someone to hold them accountable.

The men’s ministry also strives to strengthen families. We look after the physical, spiritual and mental welfare of the members. Career advice, job matters and progress in all aspects of family lives is our concern. We usually organise seminars and events where such matters are discussed, and where men are able to ask questions and seek advice.

We also stand by, comfort and support our members during difficult times.

Join us today and be blessed!!!

Bro Ajala- Men’s Coordinator