Matthew 25:34-36: Our focus on expansion is on ensuring that people are able to access church through various avenues at different times. It also involves extending our boundaries and planting new churches, and making home cell groups more central in the church. Home cell groups of no more than 3-4 families meeting regularly to fellowship together, and get to know each other, reaching out to each other in the love of Christ outside of church. Also, several baptismal services held annually, and for those who are unable to physically attend church, we also run online services at various times of the day. For further information about our online services, home cell groups and baptismal services, please click here.

1 Corinthians 14:40: We believe very much in excellence in all we do, and doing all to the glory of God.  Our focus here is on delivering excellently run services for the community: Liberty Day Nursery which caters for children aged 6 months to 5 years, Liberty Academy which xyz.

In house, we also focus on building excellently run ministries and departments which encourage church members to serve the God who has saved them. Our annual events and conferences are also delivered with the stamp of excellence. You can find more information about our annual events and conferences (Deborah Arise, Financial Dominion, Couples Night and City Changers) by clicking here.

Acts 11:21-26: It is our very firm belief, that we need to take the love of Christ beyond the four walls of the church and propagate the good news of Christ in our community.  We are doing this through some of the projects we have set up.

Liberty Care projects: please give info on what this is

Liberty Feeding the Homeless: where we provide food to the homeless every week.

Outreach programmes – Operation Go and Share where we xyz, March for Jesus, an annual March through the community, sharing food, music, dance and the good news of Jesus Christ. You can find more information about our care projects by following this link.

Our focus for evangelism is on working hard to influence our neighbourhood with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and living at peace with them.

Ephesians 4:11-14: The focus of equipping is membership maturity. Mature Christians make solid members of society. Our aim is to disciple every new believer and to strengthen discipleship in the church by nurturing saints to maturity through systematic Biblical teaching. and making Liberty a House of Prayer for all nations.