Liberty Connections Protocol Ministry’s mission is “Making sure your Fellowship and Worship Experience is Excellent and with a Godly attitude”.

We adhere to the church’s 4 Core Values: Excellence, Expansion, Equiping and Evangelism.

The Ministry is made up of 7 departments:

Administration & Projects

The administration and projects team are responsible for maintaining and running the church office, and also overseeing all church projects.

Finance/budgeting Team

The finance and budgeting team are responsible for ensuring that the church finances are in order. They are God’s treasurers and it is their responsibility to ensure the books are properly kept.

Ministers’ Escort & Pastoral Aid Team

The ministers’ escort and pastoral aid team are responsible for the care and transportation of guest ministers. They also support the pastor when he goes on ministerial assignments.

Transportation Team

The transportation team is responsible for transporting members of the church to church for services. Sometimes during conferences and events, it feels like Moses trying to get the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan.

Ushering /Bookshop Team

This is the team that welcomes people into the church. They are truly soldiers of Christ, and you can always see them standing waiting to usher in members and newcomers with a smile.

Event management Team

The event management team co-ordinates the events in the church.

PA-Audio-Vision Team

The PA-Audio-Vision Team is the team responsible for all forms of communication in the church. The team is split into two arms:

[list type=”icon-angle-right”]

[li]Publication/website/Photography Team[/li]

[li]Sound/public Address System Team[/li]