The vision of the new generation team is to draw back the souls of God’s children who have gone astray. Our mission therefore is to seek, discover, develop and to deploy children and young people into society to sustain the future ministration of the Gospel to the generations to come by providing a friendly and open atmosphere to study scripture and to grow in faith by applying it to their daily lives.

Sun Beam: 0-3yrs
Hatchers: 4-7 yrs
Eaglet: 8-11 yrs
Eagles: 12-18 yrs

Sunday school for the New Generation Team (NGT) is held between 10-11am and is tailored to suit the children according to their age groups.

Activities of the New generation ministry include:

  • Memory verses
  • Youth Choir
  • Summer activities – Children’s day in the last week of July
  • Participating in the Church activities
  • Drama
  • Bible quiz and problem solving e.g. Puzzles etc.

We also operate key-worker system whereby each group has someone to relate to confidentially.