Please use this form to send us a Prayer request. We always spend time to pray for everyone who asks us to pray. Be rest assured that as we join faith with you, that God will surely intervene and make a way out for you.


  • Your name will be displayed and shown to our prayer partners to pray for and with you. It is always better to have your name as we pray and intercede for you. But if you’d rather not share your name, phone number or email address kindly use Anonymous or anything else on the name field. You can also check the make anonymous box.
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Prayer Requests



Prayer Requests

  • Mrs

    Pray for my friend’s Husband who is sick in the hospital.

  • Misd

    Need accommodation good job need spiritual growth protection favour ensuit room need good house

  • Mr

    Divine intervention on COVID - 19 outbreak

  • Protection /healing

    a prayer request to the prayer team for
    1. My niece and friend travelling to India that the Lord grants them travelling mercies, shield and protect them as they go from a to b and that no evil or sickness shall befall them in Jesus name. Amen

    2. For restoration of health to one of our friend's who is sick at the moment in Nigeria. His name is Mr Akin Rockson. His wife said they said he has bacteria in the brain. That the blood of Jesus that washes away all our sins and iniquities will wash the bacteria clean and heal him completely. Amen

  • Heart for forgiveness

    Please bretheren pray for close relative of mine, peter, who find it difficult to forgive her mum. That God will give him heart to forgive, receive inner healing so that he can let go and forgive. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Testing; protect me from evil

    Pray for me and my family against diseases

  • Salvation for our land - THIS IS A TEST

    Bretheren please pray for salvation of souls in our city. Amen.

  • Prayers for thanksgiving - THIS IS A TEST


    Please pray and thank God for me for all that he has done for me these past years and for what He will yet do.
    Thank you.

  • Cancer

    Brethren, please pray for sis Sami who has been diagnosed with pancreas cancer for divine healing.
    Thank you.

  • Prayer of Protect [THIS IS A TEST}


    Please pray that God will protect a neighbour of mine as he travels in Jesus.