INTRODUCTION In a world characterised by technological innovation and computerised responses to situations in the work place and in the wider society, RCCG Liberty Christian Connections as a way of giving back to the community in conjunction with their community project, Liberty Training Centre will be offering Information Technology training to all individual of all age group.

The LCC Liberty Academy – Information Technology Program is based on objectives, skills and content which demonstrate multiple literacies, as well as independent and critical thinking. The individual questions the beliefs and practices of the past and brings this to bear on the innovative application of science and technology to problem solving.

Such a person will inevitably demonstrate a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem, a positive work ethic, and display and nurture creative imagination in the economic and entrepreneurial spheres and other areas of life.

OBJECTIVES The program aims to:

1. Prepare students to function effectively in a dynamic technological era;

2. Promote the development of computer-related skills for immediate application to other curricular areas;

3. Provide a foundation for post-secondary education;

4. Facilitate the development and application of problem-solving skills in students.

PROGRAM COMPOSITION The program is composed of five main sections.

1. Fundamentals of Hardware and Software (Introduction to Computing)

2. Problem-Solving and Program Design

3. Word-processing, Presentation and Web Page Design

4. Spreadsheets

5. Database Management

For further enquiries please email or call 02085140145 or 07827780962. Visit us at Liberty House 1 Clark’s Road Ilford Essex IG1 1UT.